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We are a Technical Sales Firm with a consultative approach toward selling.  The majority of our customer visits are with Engineering Staff, including Designers, Systems Engineers, and Support Engineering.   Regardless of the design requirements, such as standard off-the-shelf components, custom components, or complex sub-assemblies, Arcadia's team will assist you in identifying and providing technical solutions for your project, and will exceed your support expectations through the life of your program.

About Us


Arcadia Technical Sales, L.L.C. is a professional Manufacturer’s Representative organization which was established in 1998 by Brad Cady who, prior to Arcadia held a Principal position with a major Mil-Aero Arizona based Rep firm for 16 years.

Meet Our Team

Our professional sales team offers extensive experience in both direct sales and as Manufacturer's Representatives, enabling us to achieve high levels of success in major markets within the territory. 

Markets Served

We support various applications, including Military, Aerospace, Space, Telecom, Medical, and Industrial. Arcadia's product breadth, as evidenced by our Principal listing, enables us to service all of these markets with a strong emphasis on high reliability products.  

Product Categories

RF Power

LDMOS & GaN based transistors for RF Power, Pallets, and MCM’s.    


Advanced Interconnect Board to Board

Standard and custom board to board, microD, nano, RF connectors, and cable assemblies

Passive Components

 Conical inductors, ferrite beads, space level fuses, broadband capacitors, attenuators and resistors


 Complex PCB's up to 50 layers, Specializing in RF/MW, 24 hour turn time, prototype runs, controlled impedance 

RF & Microwave

LNA's, Power Amplifiers, Filters, Couplers, Antennas, Mixers, CRO/DRO’s, RF Hybrids & IMA's.  Detectors, Terminations, & Power Dividers (DC-67 GHz)

Tin Whisker Mitigation (TWM)

 Tin Whisker Mitigation (TWM) by adding lead (Pb) to chip size components with pure tin (Sn) terminals.  AEM Sn-Pb conversion process is NOT a hot solder dip operation that introduces the risk of thermal shock to the components

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