Manufacturer's Represented
Accurate Circuit Engineering
PCB's - Complex PCB's up to 50 layers, Specializing in RF/MW, 24 hour turn time, Prototype runs, controlled impedance.
Advanced Interconnections
BGA/PGA/DIP/SIP Custom & Standard Sockets and Adapters, Board to Board Connectors, and Peel-A-Way Removable Carriers.

AEM Inc.
Tin Whisker Mitigation Technologies. Space & Mil DSCC Drawing 03024 Ferrite Chip Beads.

API Technologies
RF/Power Amplifiers, Filters, Couplers, Antennas, Mixers, CRO/DRO's, RF Hybrids/IMA's.
BARRY Industries
Ceramic components including attenuators, resistors, terminations, semiconductor packaging and custom thick film circuits
Cristek Interconncects Inc.
Connectors and Cable Assemblies. Military and Space Grade small wire form Connectors - both Digital and RF; Micro-D (MIL-DTL-83513), Nano's (MIL-DTL-32139), Coax-SMP-SMPM. Custom Connectors (Digital and RF), MIL-SPEC Filter Connectors. Build to print Hi-Rel Digital and RF Cable Assemblies. Hub Zone, Woman Owned

Data Device Corporation
Data Bus/Data Networking Interfaces: ARINC 429 & Mil-Std-1553 Products, I.P, Fiber Channel. Synchro & Resolver Conversion Products: Cards, Components, Software, Special Functions. Motor Drivers & Power Controls: Cards & Components. Remote Power Controllers: SSPCs, Discontinued & Obsolete Products

BETA Transformer
High performance military, commercial and space-level magnetic components.

Elcon Precision
Metalized and Resistive Coated Ceramics, Vacuum/Atmosphere Brazed Assemblies and Photochemically Machined Parts.

Electro-Miniatures Corporation
Slip Rings. Power Analog, RF & Data thru a Rotating Assembly. Enclosed Power & Signal Thru-Bore. Fiber Optic, Rotary Joint, & Custom Assemblies.

Mil C- 55302 .075" and .100" Centerline connectors for cables and PCBs

Couplers(directional, dual directional, hybrid), Detectors (tunnel diode,threshold),Terminations, Power Dividers. DC-67 GHz
Inductors and Micro-Inductors for Mil, Hi-Rel applications: Conical, Air Coil, Fixed, Tunable, and Spiral Chip. Compliant with MIL-PRF-83446.
Passive Plus Inc.
Chip Capacitors for RF/MW applications, Hi-Q/Low ESR, Broadband, Single Layer, General Purpose, High Voltage Capacitors